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  SRI KRISHNA LEELA   Krishna Leela is not just a production or the 'brain child' ...
1933 days ago

About Sri Krishna Leela




Yet another coup for Srimati Verushka Pather, head of the Natya Ananda Fine arts Academy and a senior disciple of The Dhananjayans of Chennai. India! The ultimate dream of taking the exciting dance production, "Krishna Leela-The Divine Pastimes of our Radiant Lord," to India has become a reality.

The conceptualization of using the sacred Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita, to tell a compelling tale using different classical genres of ballet, drama, music and poetry hints of divine inspiration. This is an effortless, fluid offering that affords the cast the opportunity to pursue excellence. The unique production celebrates Sri Krishna' s journey from birth to adulthood  primarily  through classical Bharat Natyam.

This is a collaborative effort between the Natya Ananda Fine Arts Academy, South Africa, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi and dancers from the Tharanginee School, Chennai, India.  One of the greatest challenges of our time is to retain the essence and purity of an art form in a world that is driven by populist fusion. This quest for purity is akin to the lotus flower that emerges out of muddy waters to expose to the beholder, its sheer beauty! Audiences are transfixed by this dance drama as it unfolds in delightful sequences and reveals sheer creative energy.

'Sri Krishna Leela' will showcase the merging of talent of artists from India and South African and will be hosted by 7 cities across India. The performances will start on 13 December 2012 at ISKON in Chennai and will then move to Goa, Delhi, Vrindavan, Mumbai and end at the Shilpagram Festival, Udaipur on 26th December 2012.  "Natya Ananda, the cast members and support personnel of Sri Krsna Leela would like to express their sincere gratitude to the ICCR for being a part of making this dream a reality", said Sri Verushka Pather, the artistic director of Natya Ananda. She added that, "Lord Krishna's leelas unfold through the love and devotion of His Gopis. They showcase the true purpose of the appearance of Krishna, the different types of relationships devotees have with the Lord and the ultimate message of complete surrender."

Verushka Pather adds, "This has been a wonderful journey to share our work and experiences as dances from South Africa and the Tharanginee School of Dance, Chennai. Krishna Leela is a vibrant display of colour, emotion, radiance and the blissful experience of Love for God through Dance. We are grateful to ICCR and the KZN Department of Art & Culture for affording us this great opportunity and for their vision for Arts in our Country and Internationally."

This is a classic example of a prodigy offering a rathna mala, a garland of jewels, back to the Gurus in India as a gesture of gratitude from the South African Indian diaspora.


Verushka Pather

Hariganesh Muralidaran

Smangele Magudulela

Anita Venkatesh

Indu Seshadhri

Kalpana Sivaramakrishnan

Visweswara Krupaa Lakshmi

Uthra Shankaran

Jananai Vignarajan

Seetha Venkatadri

Vijay Saravanan - Sound, Light & Prop Technician


R. Pather - November 2012




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