Natya Ananda - Temple of Fine Art, provides formal, structured Bharatha Natyam tuition and all allied subjects in it’s purest form for all ages and levels of advancement under the artistic direction of Verushka Pather, a disciple of the highly respected Dhananjayans. Natya Ananda also promotes Indian classical art through professional productions with international and local artists.

The school’s main focus is to strive for the holistic development of young individuals who are well versed in Dance, Art and with characters focused on human excellence and moral regeneration,

Our focus would be training children in all aspects of Bharat Natyam – Nritta (Pure dance movements), Nritya (Facial Expressions) and Natya (Drama or Storytelling).

The centre also functions as a stimulation centre for children with special needs, providing them with all the arts to explore and understand their minds and bodies and empowering people through the arts. We strive to bring uniqueness in presentation, by way of repertoire and vitality in dance and costume.




We sincerely thank:

  • The Consulate General of India in Durban and all their Respected Consuls who have given opportunities to Natya Ananda
  • The Department of Art & Culture for hosting of performances
  • Indian Academy of South Africa
  • International Centre of Performing Arts
  • Nelson Mandela Chatsworth Youth Centre
  • Mr.Siva Pillay – Attorneys for financial support
  • Religious & Cultural organizations who have assisted in support of programs, funding and hosting of performances