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Ms. Verushka Pather has been considered for recognition and a performance at the inaugural ceremony of   'NRI Festival' organised by Hamsadhwani at Chennai in December 2010.













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By: Consul General of India - Shri Anil K Sharan

We are very pleased to note that Ms. Verushka Pather has been considered for recognition and a performance at the inaugural ceremony of   'NRI Festival' organised by Hamsadhwani at Chennai in December 2010.

Verushka - an ICCR Scholar- is a disciple of Padma Bhushan Shri and Smt. VP Dhanajayan. She is one of the best Bharat Natyam dancers and teachers in South Africa. She has also established Natya Ananda- Temple of Fine Art in Durban where she teaches Bharat Natyam.

2010 is a year of celebration in South Africa. South Africa successfully hosted FIFA world cup and has been celebrating 150th anniversary of arrival of Indian Indentured labourers in South Africa since beginning of this year.  The Government of India also in partnership of South African Government organised in October 2010, the first regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas conference in Africa.

In South Africa, we have always marveled at the extraordinary wealth of cultural talent within the Indian community in South Africa, a community which has successfully preserved and promoted its unique cultural and spiritual heritage over several generations despite the formidable challenges encountered.

When we look back on the works of Verushka since her return from India,  the decorations and awards that she  has received so far are the  testimony of her  devotion and extraordinary skills that she possesses.

The recognition of talent of Verushka by Hamsadhwani has further strengthened the cultural ties between India and South Africa.  This recognition will also encourage others in this country to follow the path of Verushka.

We treat Verushka as a reliable friend of the Consulate who have always been willing to participate in the cultural events of National and International nature, organized by the Consulate. She has, no doubt, enhanced the image of India - country of her heritage in the country of her birth, residence and citizenship - South Africa.

We wish to congratulate Verushka for her tireless efforts in propagation of Indian Culture in South Africa and wish her the best in her future endeavors.


Citation for Smt Verushka Pather

By: Kiru Naidoo - Political Analyst, Durban, South Africa

To honour the names of her gurus, Shri and Smt VP Dhananjayan, is the pinnacle of Smt Verushka Pather's aspirations.  That she has achieved acclaim as a dancer is theirs and God's grace entirely.  She bows in reverence of the Dhananjayans.

For Verushka, dance is communion with the Almighty.  Her gurus and the various senior gurus the Dhananjayans have introduced her to; have been the pathway to serving God.  Verushka Pather has had the great opportunity of receiving a fellowship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi India. She has danced on three continents from her native South Africa to her ancestral home in India to North America.  She has danced for ordinary people enchanted by the ancient scripts, movements, choreography and costumes of Bharata Natyam through to an audience with President Abdul Kalam through to the Gandhi Peace Awards in honour of the Nobel Laureate, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Under the guidance of her gurus, she has taken the high art of Bharata Natya to common and modern applications.  The most fulfilling for her is working with children with special needs in schools and hospitals in South Africa.  Her dance therapy techniques are received with great joy and bring enormous relief.

As a dancer, dance teacher and head of a school, Natya Ananda, Academy of Fine Art, she is a sought-after personality on the South Africa art scene.  She has crossed over disciplines working with a number of artists and was rapturously received at South Africa's leading dance festival, Jomba, annually hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Supported by her husband, Dr Kamendran Pather and infant sons, her extended family and students, she believes her best work is yet to come.  This blessing and inspiration she drew earlier this year from the hosting of Saadhana. In a series of performances in South Africa she was overjoyed to present her gurus to very appreciative South African audiences who were overwhelmed by the majesty of the Dhananjayans.

Receiving the call from her Master to say that he had nominated her for this award was the honour itself.  She is deeply moved to be recognized in this special commendation.




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