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  SRI KRISHNA LEELA   Krishna Leela is not just a production or the 'brain child' ...
1933 days ago

Sri Krishna Leela Show




Krishna Leela is not just a production or the 'brain child' of Srimati Verushka Pather.  It is her offering to Shri Krishna in form of Art.  The amalgamation of dance, drama and poetry brought forth the epic pastimes of the omniscient avatar, Shri Krishna.

Krishna Leela is a theatrical performance that explores the past times of our beloved Lord Krishna. This performance takes you through the pages of history and illuminates the several relationships that exist with Lord Krishna. Emotions of love, playfulness, anger and complete surrender at the Lord's divine lotus feet and a celebration of the love and devotion to Krishna himself are attained in this magnificent rendition of Bharatnatyam, poetry and drama. Krishna Leela takes you into the beautiful gardens of Vrindaven, to share in the pure joy and love of being in the company of the Lord.  It brings to life the stories of the Srimad Bhagvatam & verses from the Bhagvat Gita, in an intricate and intense dramatization of dance. It takes you into the footsteps of the devoted Gopis and allows one to explore their own personal relationship with the Lord.  The visual representation of the epic stories of Lord Krishna allows one to be embodied in an ultimate spiritual experience.  Classical Bharata Natyam is an intricate and poetic dance form of precise head, hand, eye and feet movements originating several thousand years ago in South India. This production has moved beyond ordinary boundaries to explore the dramatic aspects of this Classical Art and to also allow it to be more accessible and understandable to audiences. The very new technique of reciting poetry between the dance movements has been greatly received from audiences and critics.

Krishna Leela is the discovery and understanding of the true essence of Sri Krishna through the spiritual journey of His pure devotee, Poornamasi.  The production takes the audience into a state of spiritual bliss and exploration into the ventures of Shri Krishna and His devoted Gopis.  Krishna Leela brings to communities an experience that has ingrained itself in centuries of history, the pages of the Bhagavat Gita comes alive in the utmost devotion of the Gopis.  The perfect co-ordination of Bharatnatyam and synchrony with drama creates one of the greatest moments of history into an array of pure bliss. Krishna Leela creates a platform, not only to appreciate the arts but a platform to question ourselves and our own purpose in life. She added that, "Lord Krishna's  leelas unfold through the love and devotion of His Gopis. They showcase the true purpose of the appearance of Krishna, the different types of relationships devotees have with the Lord and the ultimate message of complete surrender."

The Gopi's pure love and devotion to Shri Krishna lets one into the realms of a time that existed before our own, a time that precedes all of our world's greatest moments in history, a time where all that existed was the peace of the love of nature and God, a time where filling the soul with Shri Krishna's omnipotent name was enough to satisfy a human soul. The simplicity of Shri Krishna's messages depicted in Krishna Leela leaves one with a sense of contentment and appreciation of a simple human life. Krishna Leela thus far, has been performed in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, taking to communities the heroic tales of Shri Krishna. The acclaim that the performances have attracted also demonstrates the extent to which Bharat Natyam thrives in the Indian Diaspora in Southern Africa. Supporting the performances in India will also allow the young dancers an opportunity to imbibe first-hand the artistic and spiritual influences of the Indian sub-continent. The performance will potentially give Indian audiences a new appreciation of the aura associated with Krishna through the innovative scripting and choreography.

Krishna Leela is a youthful exuberant display of classical art. Despite differences in culture, religion or race, it teaches all about the simple lesson of love, devotion and faith. Without these facets in life, we are but empty vessels.




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