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1933 days ago

Principal artist


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“You have truly imbibed the spirit of our teachings in Bharatakalanjali. You have lived up to our expectations, both as a teacher and human being. All the best to you, to continue your dedicated service to the art through, Love and Human Excellence. You always have my support and blessings….”

Shri V.P. Dhanajayan


This has reinforced my belief that I was destined to be an artist to teach, promote and be an ambassador to Indian Art and Culture. And to enlighten and uplift all who wants to experience dance.

Smt. Verushka Pather


Smt. Verushka Pather is a spiritual aspirant who, like the traditions she represents, has committed herself completely and comprehensively to Bharata Natyam. She represents an enviable lineage of gurus who have been able to transcend the mundane and routine humdrum of Life. Within the South African context she is highly respected for her shradha (devotion) to Bharatha Natyam. Certainly, she is an excellent exponent of this wonderful and ancient offering to Almighty. The Sama Veda extols the need for balance in one’s life and that Sangeet and Nritya are sublime art forms that help one to spiritual freedom. Perhaps her greatest contribution is that she has been able to use her Bharata Natyam to build bridges between communities and promote spiritual cohesion. Her experiments with renowned Kathak exponent Sri Manesh Maharaj is an example of this.

She has an illustrious career and her Bharata Natyam is not just a passing intrusion or fad but rather a seriously thought out and conscious celebration.
When on stage during a performance, her entire being whirls into a sublime union that can only be described as a form of “Samadhi” (a blissful spiritual state). Perhaps it is this state that enables her to transform her audiences and carry them along in her quest for spiritual liberation. Her performances are always technically proficient. Her movements are with complete rhythmic integrity and one cannot help being mesmerized by her charming disposition.

One often wonders where she gets this incredible energy from - perhaps it is her calling, perhaps it is her diligence, perhaps it is her dedication, perhaps it is her artistry, but certainly it is her spontaneity that grasps you attention indelibly.



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