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Vision and Goals

  • To be an art centre providing tuition in Bharat Natyam and all allied subjects in its purest form; Yoga, Classical Music, Kuchipudi, Kathak, and Modern Contempory dance.
  • The school’s main focus is to strive for the holistic development of young individuals who are well versed in Dance, Art and with characters focused on Human Excellence and moral regeneration.
  • Our focus would be training children in all aspects of Bharat Natyam – Nritta (Pure dance movements), Nritya (Facial Expressions) and Natya (Drama or Storytelling).
  • Dance should become a part of each student, not just a form which they learn and perform. A child should be able to express themselves through dance.
  • Dance should become a form of communication to a higher force.
  • With all the allied subjects provided by the school we would like to develop artists who are able to dance, perform, teach and promote our rich cultural heritage.
  • Art teaches us to respect our culture, discipline our lives and develops dedication towards every aspect of their life.
  • Students need to commit to the art to prosper in their futures.
  • We would like to join all other dance forms, where we acknowledge the similarities and differences and learn to work together to uplift the standard of dance in South Africa.
  • The centre would also function as a stimulation centre for children with special needs. Providing them with all the arts to explore and understand their minds and bodies.
  • We would like to empower people through the arts.
  • To bring uniqueness in presentation, by way of repertoire and vitality in dance and costume.




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